About us

Luna's secrets is a Wellness company founded by the owner of Worldbeauty AB in Sweden.
Luna has worked as a beautician since 2007 formed in Paris and has been a specialist of intimate women waxing for more than 13 years.
After waxing women for years, she noticed that all women need an intimate wash product to relieve odours and reduce the risk of growing Bacterial Vaginosis and chronic Yeast Infections.
Luna got the idea to create products that are 100% Plant-Based Herbal Feminine Wash and other intimate products that help and support women's well-being.

She noticed that the ingredients used in the intimate series are changing the women's private part odours, reducing the risks of infections risks and make easy to treat her healthy clients at her studio.
Luna is now sharing her secrets with all women worldwide to emphasise caring for our intimate area for excellent health.
Easy to use, light to carry with you in your handbag, and you stay fresh all day long.
Shop with us and do your intimate waxing with absolutely fantastic results ever at https://www.worldbeauty.se